About Our office

Our office is a senior Ministry of civil and commercial real estate in general and in particular. For years, our office deals with a variety of projects, including initiating legal advice in handling the large scale businesses. The firm's clients include public agencies and business sectors, organizations, and various public institutions, local authorities, seats, with rights and land administration, corporate and educational networks and private clients, including private landowners. Between customers and our office are Himnuta Inc. (Fund), the local council Kafr Bara, Amal achievements and more.


Our office specializes in the agricultural sector and seats. The office provides consulting and ongoing legal representation regarding farm and farms, the appointment of a proceeding, hereditary estates, wills and estates to family agreements seats, Split Estate, selling farms, and any legal issues arising from the life of a member of the Society for the seat.


Our office works in close cooperation with a number of experienced lawyers, best in their field in the country. Firm is characterized by a family atmosphere, and enjoy productive work environment, and the client has to get personal, close and better.


Main Areas of Practice: Real Estate, real estate taxes, capital gains tax, real estate transactions, seats, local authorities, the Israel Lands Administration, zoning land, combination transactions, capitalization costs and fees excessive, cooperation agreements and the dismantling of land, Notary Services, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation , construction loans, sports law, rental and tenant protection, debt, wills, prenuptial agreements between spouses.

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